A Christian Perspective on Islam

As monotheistic religions Christianity and Islam share significant common ground despite their theological disagreements. This common ground needs to be appreciated if our interaction with Islam is to be informed and fair. We can find a way forward by dispelling myths about both Islam and Christianity, seeking to understand Muslim beliefs and practices better, and engaging in charitable dialogue. This essay explores all of these areas, giving Christians insight into how to approach Islam today.
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Chawkat Moucarry was born and grew up in Syria and lived in France for many years, and he serves as Director for Interfaith Relations at World Vision. A former lecturer in Islamic Studies at All Nations Christian College, Dr. Moucarry is also the author of Faith to Faith: Christianity and Islam in Dialogue (IVP, 2001) and The Prophet and the Messiah: An Arab Christian’s Perspective on Islam and Christianity (IVP, 2002).

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